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Q 1: How does wheat grass helps in combating any disorder inHuman body?
 Our Body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself , itrequires nutrition’s for the same. According to Doctors “Disease is nothing but deficiency ofNutrition’s” for eg.

·        If our Hemoglobinlevel is less- doctor prescribes B12 injection tablets.

·        If our iron level isless – doctor prescribes iron tablets or injections.

·        If our calcium levelis less – doctor prescribes B complex tablets.

Wheatgrass contains more than 90 Nutritious substances includingVitamins, Proteins, Minerals, Dietary Fiber, Chlorophyll and all the required 19Amino Acids which our body cannot produce.
Hence wheatgrass helps in combating any disorder in Human body right fromAcidity to Cancer.

Q 2: What is the percentage of nutrition’s as compared to vegetables andfruits in Wheatgrass?
Ans: Fifteen pounds ofwheatgrass is equivalent to 350 pounds of choice vegetables!
That is 1:23 ratio . 1 Kg Wheatgrass = 100 grams Powder = 23 Kgs of Vegetables& fruits in Nutrition.
Hence 100 grams wheatgrass powder = 23 Kgs of Vegetables in Nutrition.

Q 3: Who has introduced and researched on wheat grass & what is it meantfor?

Ans: Ann Wigmore introducedwheat grass more than thirty years ago. In her books, Wigmore says it is anideal food to nourish the body and rid it of toxins. It is especially importantto anyone who suffers from pain or illness.

Q 4: What is Chlorophyll & Its importance for human body?

Ans: The high chlorophyllcontent of wheatgrass acts as a "magnet" in drawing out toxins fromthe body. Chlorophyll is an internal deodorant which cleanses tissues and issoothing and healing.

Chlorophyll, the "blood of plants", is very similar toour own blood. Its molecular structure closely resembles hemin, the pigmentthat combines with protein to form hemoglobin.

Q 5: What are amino acids & its importance?

Ans: Amino acids are thebuilding blocks of proteins, which are the major constituents of our body andare necessary for the continual cell building, cell regeneration and energyproduction that are necessary for life.

Q 6: Which form of wheatgrass is the good and result oriented? Why?

Ans: Wheat grass taken inany form is good and gives result. But we recommend dry form- Pouches &Powder.

As juice has to be taken immediately after making it, otherwisewe loose the nutrition’s. Quality is not tested, many diseases are transferredfrom one person to other through water. Availability & Transport is themost important factor. We Can carry powder & pouches.

Q 7: Availability & Comfortability?

Ans: Wheatgrassis best among the three forms, as when the powder is dissolved in water thechlorophyll is formed and it is absorbed in 15 minutes in our body. Juice selflife is hardly 5 minutes, as it gets oxidized, and
fiber is not present in juice.


Q 8.Why should a person suffering from any disorder takewheatgrass?

Ans: NaturalWheatgrass is a complete food, as it provides all the necessary nutrition’s forhuman body. It is recommended in Naturopathy for healing and known as adrugless therapy.

Q 9: Why should a normal and fit person take wheatgrass?

Ans: NaturalWheatgrass increases the resistance power and boosts up the immune system.Hence a normal person can also take wheatgrass for better and healthier living.Prevention is better than cure- Enhance your health by Wheatgrass Powder orPouches.

Q 10: What is the difference between other grasses and wheatgrass? 
Ans: Dr Urp Thomas arenowned scientist studies different types of grasses for more than 40 years ofhis life and concluded that Wheatgrass is the best amongst all the grasses.Wheatgrass has the capacity to absorb maximum Nutrition’s & Minerals fromthe soil.


Q 11 : How does wheat grasshelp our system:

Ans : Wheat Grass is almost like a blood transfusion. It isa wonderful cleanser and rejuvenator which means it helps your body to throwout toxins that have built up over the years and helps it replace old deadcells with new cells. These are the two essential factors that cause disease inour bodies and which wheat grass sets right.

In chronic ailments including cancer, there may be anattempt by the body to throw out accumulated toxins which could result indiarrhoea or vomiting. Both these conditions are to be WELCOMED. If thisdoes happen, cut down on the quantity of wheat grass juice being consumed tohalf and use it diluted. Gradually begin to increase the quantity as the bodybegins to handle the removal of toxins in a more gentle way.

Wheat grass seva can become animportant part of all our lives. Let us grow wheat grass in abundance and makeit available to chronically sick patients especially those suffering fromcancer, AIDS., asthma and kidney failure.