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Vevek Naniwadeckar
( Manager )

1.   35 year old lady came to me and said can you help me through Lion’s Club? I am president of Lion’s Club Pune Pimple Saudagar, she is a poor lady and was admitted to a big hospital and paid a bill of Rs 1, 90, 000/- and then was told to undergo an operation. I asked what her problem was. She showed me the reports and told me that she had some stones in her Abdomen and water in her uterus and her stomach was swollen and she was having asthma type breathing problem. I told her to use wheat grass for the time being and then spoke to doctor regarding operation in the Civil General Hospital, the doctor said please send the patient she will be operated freely (without any money) when I approached her for the same she is now I am totally fit and no need of operation, please give me one more tin of wheat grass.


2.    Patient of age 55 years was admitted in Hospital for Low Hemoglobin Level. I visited him and asked what the medicine Doctor has prescribed is, it was B12 injections. I told him about wheat grass and it’s contain, he took wheat grass powder and within 3 days his Hemoglobin level was normal. He was very happy and started recommending Natural Wheat grass Powder to many of his friends.


3.  The same person was not well, so I went to see him. He was suffering from Piles; he came out from his bedroom with a water pillow and sat on it. Doctor has recommended stapler operation and the expenses for the same were Rs 50000/. I suggested him Natural Wheat grass Powder and third day he went on bike for his duty and avoided the operation.


4.   A 25 years guy asked me whether I give medicine. I said yes, what has happened? He said there is a burning sensation and the white thing was passing from his urine. He said he has tried many medicines from different doctors. I gave him our Natural Wheat grass Powder and gave a time of 21 days for recovery. He came on the third day and said the problem is solved.


5.   40 year old lady was unable to work at her home; she was feeling very tired and uncomfortable. Her full family was disturbed due to her laziness. She approached me I checked and gave her wheat grass powder, within 2days she was very fresh and started working. She now is recommending it to every person. She showed me the different medicines and tablets recommended by different people she had over 25-30 bottles of the same. She said now she will throw away all the tablets and tonics.